Ukbar Filmes


Established in 2009, UKBAR FILMES is one of the leading Portuguese production companies. Exploring the thin line between author and story driven films, from Portugal and abroad, Ukbar produces both documentaries and fictions, mostly internationally co-financed. Our latest films swing from national top 5 on the box office to official selections in the major international film festivals. Good stories take us anywhere in the world.


    • Pandora da Cunha Telles


      Born and raised in the movies. After graduating in Political Science and International Relations opted for movies and television production. Worked at UniPortugal, Animatógrafo and Filmes de Fundo before creating Ukbar Filmes. Pandora is a Member of the European Producers Club and the European Film Academy and former President of APCA. The Bergman side of Ukbar Films, is a natural-born motivator and has an innate ability to bring together the right people for each project.

    • Pablo Iraola


      Born in Buenos Aires, in a family of exhibitors. From La Serenísima dairy farms in Argentina to the world of finance, Pablo left the suits and ties aside and joined the Patagonik Film Group in 2001. He was responsible for more than 25 titles released in Latin America, from art films to box office sucess movies. Pablo came to Portugal in 2008 and founded Ukbar Filmes the following year. His double degree in Engineering makes him an extraordinary glider.

    • Sandra Paulo

      Management & Public Relations

      Sandra was born in France and, after running between the corridors of politics and the international, returned to the mazes of cinema. She is responsible for Institutional Relations and deals with contracts with atomic detail. By the way, it is believed to be nuclear powered. The reason? There's nothing better, but do not want something to go wrong with her.

    • Alexandre Maurício

      Production assistant

    • Bruno Mano

      Distribution, Marketing & Sales

    • Carlos Madaleno

      Post Production Manager

      When a movie seems lost, Carlos comes to save it. With a long experience in film and television editing, he coordinates the post-production department of Ukbar Filmes. He was born in Luanda, lived in Macau and in good time he chose Portugal. Master in cinematographic haute couture, he distinguish the essential from the accessory first than anybody else.

    • Martim Baginha

      The most famous among Alpalhão (Nisa) citizens, has a little bit more of 20 years old mas the responsability of a 80 years old senior. Always ready to tell another story, naturally he became a scriptwritter. Hardly he will ever write a characther better than is own. Besides the screeninwriting, Martim is a talented musician and songwritter. Sooner or later we will watch a biopic about his life.

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