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    • Pandora da Cunha Telles


      Born in Cinema, after graduating in Political Science and International Relations, Pandora opted to "return" to film and television production. She worked at Círculo de Leitores, UniPortugal, Animatógrafo and Filmes de Fundo before founding Ukbar Filmes. She is a member of the board of the European Producers Club. She also belongs to the European Film Academy, APRAF, was President of the APCA, and is now Chairman of the Board of this General Conference. She is a natural motivator and has an innate ability to bring the right people together for each project. She believes that days are 48 hours long and that, with a lot of creativity, you can do great projects. If Pablo dreams of forests, Pandora dreams of trees.

    • Pablo Iraola


      Born in Buenos Aires, into a family of exhibitors, Pablo left La Serenísima in Argentina for the world of finance; and, again, put his suits and ties aside to join the Patagonik Film Group in 2001. He was responsible for more than 25 features that premiered in Latin America, ranging from art-house films to box office hits. He came to Portugal in 2008 and Ukbar Filmes was created the following year. His double degree in Engineering makes him an extraordinary planner. He is part of the EPC, the European Film Academy and the Portuguese Academy of Cinema. He is a trainer in Creative Media programs, Torino Film Lab and Biennale College; and frequently serves as a jury member in the Festival de San Sebastián, in Guadalajara and at the Mostra de São Paulo. If Pandora dreams of trees, Pablo dreams of forests.

    • Sandra Paulo

      Management & Public Relations

      Sandra was born in France and, after getting involved in the area of organizing shows, and traveling through the corridors of national and international politics, she returned to the labyrinths of Cinema. She deals with contractual issues with a sub-atomic detail, namely in all procedures concerning ICA, RTP, Eurimages, etc. You can always count on her to shrewdly comment the latest news, a new movie, album or series of the week; or to simply engage in playful banter, to hear her truly infectious laugh.

    • Daniela Sousa Dias

      Production Secretary

      Coming from a Marketing and Advertising course in Coimbra, Daniela spent a few years on television, before embarking on the production areas of the fashion, photography, casting and advertising worlds. Her interest in animal life, which came from her sheltering four cats — Pini, Pom, Sancho and Olive — motivated her to start a Veterinary Assistant course. If you ever need a good debate about water quality, Daniela is the right person to discuss it!

    • Maria Manuel

      Production Coordinator

      Coming from the lands of Alcobaça, from an early age she showed a great interest in Science and Biology. Maria entered the field of performing arts, getting involved in children's programs in classical music, theater and animation; and with all this experience, she founded a production company involved in all kinds of projects. A “Jill of all trades”, she organizes everything down to the smallest detail, and leaves nothing to chance.

    • Ana Manana


      Born in Lisbon, Ana's academic career has gone through Fine Arts, then Documentary courses, to which she coupled her interest in Anthropology and the great human studies linked to Cinema. A self-confessed idealist, she directs movies and devours books as if they were candy. Lately she has been spending some time in Caldas da Rainha, where she has caught the good and inspiring airs of the countryside, and where she usually “recharges her batteries.” Her proactivity dates back a long time, when as a little girl she organised films, exhibitions, etc.

    • Marta Rocha Alegria

      Social Media

      Between the Air Force, Astrology and Astronomy — truly eclectic areas —, it can be said that her head is in the sky and the stars, but her feet are on the lands of Facebook and Instagram, with the mission to plant Ukbar's flag. In addition to these interests, she also developed activity as a real estate agent, and it was through a yoga class that she was recruited to join Ukbar.

    • Mário Cunha

      Writing and Development Coordinator

      Mário studied Musical Sciences and was a professional musician before writing, both in Film and TV (which has already earned him an SPA Award and an International Emmy); as well as in Theater, Advertising and even pure prose (with a novel, three young-adult books and countless short stories). Recently, he returned to the piano, and in addition to coordinating the Writing and Development departments at Ukbar, he also teaches Screenwriting at World Academy. It is said that Mário's sense of humor is quite sharp, something you can feel in his writing.

    • Rafael Afonso

      Born in Lisbon, Rafael studied Screenwriting at ESTC and immediately went to Ukbar (without passing through the "Go" tile [as the Monopoly tradition rules]), where he has been doing a bit of everything. In addition to office work, he's been growing as a 3rd Assistant Director in some shootings. His interest in writing comes from an early age, writing short stories; he even won for the 2nd place for two consecutive years in the national creative writing contest, “Uma Aventura”. And it must be said, that it's a true adventure to try to dethrone his always calm and warm smile.

    • Carlos Madaleno

      Post Production Manager

      With a long background coming from the field of Photography, Carlos was born in Luanda and lived in Macau for most of his life, having subsequently worked in Editing (both in Film and Television) with Valéria Sarmento, Raoul Ruiz and Ivo Ferreira. He made the leap to Ukbar's Post-Production department in 2017, and since then, he's been coordinating all his projects and editing a few more! He believes it's always better to deal directly with people than resorting to e-mail, and is widely regarded as the house's metronome: his rhythms of montage match his interest in drums (ba-dum, tss!).

    • Maria Eiriz

      Post Production Assistant

      Don't be fooled by her beautiful (but striking) Famalicão accent; Piko (her affectionate nickname) studied Editing at ESTC and also did an internship as a Wardrobe Assistant before giving herself up full time to Post Production. She breathes and lives in a perpetual editing mode (like no other), and it's easy to see why she has a penchant for this area: her sensitivity and her attention to the smallest details make every frame count. If she could bring a pop culture character to life to befriend her, it would be Audrey Horne without hesitation. They'd certainly be the best of friends!

    • Madalena Alpoim

      Post Production Assistant

      Born in Lisbon, Madalena has always had a huge interest in image and photography, and a keen eye. So it's no surprise that her specialty is color correction. She has had a hand in several documentaries, and experiences as a Camera Operator and Script Supervisor. Her analytical, but at the same time comic and impassive posture, gives her a unique quality in the editing team as well as in the Ukbar team.

    • Luís Jorge

      An accountant by training, Luís got tired of the big industries and landed at Ukbar to organize our accounts, and liaise with all the accounting companies and external controllers involved in each project. Stoic, but always ready to deliver an iconic phrase, he is always available to comment on the previous day's Benfica match and the great prospects (and prospects) of the football season.

    • Inês Fonseca

      Born in the historic city of Alcobaça, Inês graduated in Anthropology, which gave her an extraordinary overview of History and Culture. Before arriving at Ukbar, she dedicated herself to the noble area of translation. But her talents do not reside solely on the Humanitarian areas. Since 2019, she has kept order of Ukbar's Accounting department. She has such an extensive career in the field of Anthropology that even some of the books used for research on Ukbar projects are authored by her.

    • Jéssica Oliveira

      Coming from the green lands of Penacova, Jessica discovered her passion for Cinema in the fun credits and bloopers of films starring Jackie Chan that she saw with her parents when she was little (namely, a fascination for the number of people involved in these ventures). She studied Social Communication at the University of Coimbra but her interest in cinema persisted. The project “Contado por Mulheres” brought her to us, where she combined her passion for Production with her love for Mathematics. She is always ready to welcome people with the warmest of smiles.

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