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24 Land — Season 1

2020 • Drama; Action; Thriller • A Co-production with Ficción Producciones

TV Series by Jorge Paixão da Costa


1941, the Second World War. Portugal is surviving through neutrality. In the shadows, many Portuguese citizens serve the Allied powers, others, however, serve the Axis powers, others still serve both simultaneously. Maria João Mascarenhas works for her father in law in a truckage company. Recruited by her friend Rose Lawson, she searches for information regarding wolfram shipments. Between parties, casinos and coded messages the two women get themselves involved in diplomatic intrigue. Before them is a network that can destroy the whole country. The British, Major Jack Beevor and Richard Thompson, mean to avoid a possible German invasion. The man chosen to carry out this mission is the Portuguese national football manager: Cândido de Oliveira. At the same time, William Larenz, a German spy for the SD, attempts to convince PVDE agent Paulo that it is the British that are on the brink of invading Portugal. Whilst this is all happening, Portuguese Legionnaires Ribeiro Casais and Vieira collaborate with the Allies to prepare Portugal in case of a possible invasion. Maria João seems to have all the attributes to be the perfect spy: seductive, intelligent and an idealistic. But when she meets German mine engineer Siegfried Brenner she learns that living a double life comes with a price...

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