Ukbar Filmes

Silent Cargo

2022 • Drama; Action; Mystery

TV Series by João Maia, Daniel Calparsoro and Oskar Santos

Portugal; Spain

Inspired by real events, this enthralling story tells us one of the most famous drug trafficking operations in 21st century European history: two clans decide to carry cocaine inside a submarine. On November 24, 2019, the discovery of the first narco-submarine to arrive in Europe on the other side of the Atlantic confirmed the suspicion deepened for years about the possibility of crossing America to Europe in a semi-submersible with a shipment of cocaine. In this case, the twenty-metre-long vessel with 3,000kg of cocaine on board appeared off the coast of Galicia after sailing off 9,000km. Our protagonist (Roi) and two other crew members (a cartel controller and a mechanic) embark on the most difficult adventure of their lives: Crossing the Atlantic Ocean confined in a precarious vessel guarded by the Spanish Civil Guard and National Police, the American DEA, the PJ and the Portuguese Maritime Police and the British intelligence services. The submarine leaves Brazil bound for Portugal. The information of the arrival of a submersible full of Colombian cocaine reaches the intelligence center against terrorism and organized crime (CITCO) through the maritime analysis center (MAOC), based in Lisbon and by the British authorities, drawing a complex and extensive operation of the Police, Civil Guard and Customs Surveillance.

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