Ukbar Filmes

Private Millions

2018 • War; Drama; History

Feature Film by Gonçalo Galvão Teles and Jorge Paixão da Costa


Aníbal Augusto Milhais, survivor of the La Lys battle, wanted nothing more than to live in peace, but he was pursued until his end by the heroic aura given to him by the ones he killed in the name of his country, Portugal. The story comes up from the memories of war that occurred twenty years before. Milhais guides us through his struggle for survival during the first Great War. When he gets to the telling of La Lys battle, on the 9th of April of 1918, the Portuguese forces are obliged to retreat. Milhais refuses to retreat and is left alone and isolated, lost in foreign territory only with his long companion and friend, a machine gun called Luisinha. He must face now his biggest challenge.

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