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Lu Nan

tba • Documentary

Documentary by Luís Filipe Rocha

Portugal, Italy

An image of a naked skinny man appears on the screen, he’s been hospitalized for six years in a precarious hospital in China. Another image show us a woman tied up to a bed that has grown fist-si- zed bedsores because no one turned her over and washed her. Lu Nan lives in Beijing, he’s a pho- tographer, and was invited to the Magnum Pho- tos Agency. Today he is one of the most important Asian photographer worldwide. He’s a bridge be- tween the west and the east. He devoted the last thirty years of his life to the humble, silent and lo- nely artistic work, building over fifteen years, its triology which is an astoniching ensemble of li- ving human portraits, a moving chant to Life and the Human Condition. Taking advantage of Dan- te Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy” structure and Lu Nan’s Trilogy, this never made documentary will be revealing the magnific work and perspective of Lu Nan, his Portrait of Artist and Humanist.

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