Ukbar Filmes

Letter to the Future

2011 • Documentary • Sales by Ukbar Filmes

feature film by Renato Martins

Portugal / Brazil

Letter to the Future” follows a typical Cuban family, across four generations. Family Footage from the 60s to nowadays shootings takes us inside Familia Torres. Pipo, the revolutionary grandfather, is the father of Miriam, teacher and matriarch, mother of Yulme and Julio. Yulme, mother of the kids Cristina and Diego, lives in Havana apart from her brother Julio who is in Miami. Between the loyal echoes of the revolution, Miriam take us through her daily life in Havana. ‘Letter to the future’ is a documentary about love, revolution, family and devotion. Where will Cuba go from here? Miriam Torres’s Family will tell us about it!

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