Ukbar Filmes

I Want You So Bad

2019 • Comedy; Romance

Feature Film by Vicente Alves do Ó


Pepê and Mia are a young couple that are taking their time facing adult time. When they find out that they will have a child, they are forced to ensure a solution for their son’s future. In a hasty but innocent way, they decide to carry out the nonsensical robbery of the warehouse in where the Raspadinhas are kept, hopping to put their hands on the unmatched prize money of one million Euros! After being caught, as predictable, by the police, they are separated and taken to different cities. Despite his lack of maturity, Pepê, with the help of various characters touched by his unconditional love for his pregnant girlfriend, gets involved in a fruitful albeit troubled journey, which drives him to kidnap Mia after escaping from jail. Their story faces unexpected media attention that leads people to organize a defense on their behalf, producing a turning point on the destiny of this resilient family.

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